Gymnastics Equipment of kids Basics

If you are interested in gymnastics, you will want to have a good working knowledge of the gymnastics equipment that you will use. Since this is such a huge area of knowledge, it is good to learn the general categories and common equipment.

The most well known gymnastic equipment is what we see in the Olympic Games. It is easy to remember the amazing shows of coordination and strength that are exhibited by Olympic gymnasts. Remembering the names of the equipment they are done on is not always so easy.

One such piece of equipment is the balance beam. There are quite a few variations on this, but the beam itself is basically the same. It is only a few inches wide, and they come in 8′ or 10′ lengths. For beginners, a gym will generally have a beam that only sits a few inches above the floor. Horizontal and uneven bars are another recognizable piece of equipment for most people. While these are different pieces of equipment, the skills needed for them are similar.

Vaulting equipment is very important, but since it is not generally in the spotlight, it can be overlooked fairly easily. But there are many types of vaulting equipment. Springboards are the most common. Vaulting pieces are generally used in tandem with other pieces of gymnastics equipment.

Landing mats are another important piece of equipment that is often a side-note. Without the proper mats, gymnasts could be seriously injured during a routine. The mats have to be firm enough to allow the athlete to stick their landing, but soft enough to absorb the impact of their landing.

Rings and parallel bars are a couple types of gymnastics equipment that are commonly used. These are both in the Olympics, but are primarily used by men. Almost any type of gymnastics equipment is made for both adults and kids. The dimensions will be different, as will the safety precautions. There will be a lot more padding on children’s equipment.

If you are interesting in getting into gymnastics, there will be plenty of options for you locally. Looking up gyms in your area will show you what is available. If you are looking to buy equipment for your own gym, an internet search will show you plenty of options. There are many stores that have been in business for a long time and sell regulation equipment.