Wrestling Mats – How to Use Them Safely

Wrestling mats are often an important piece of any gym, Martial Arts academy or even home workout space. Due to the level of physical activity that will take place on these mats, it’s very important that you know what you’re looking for and how to get it. When shopping for a wrestling mat it’s very important that you try to find one that offers maximum impact protection. Remember, these mats are designed to protect you and cushion you from injuries. If you don’t choose one with adequate impact protection you could get seriously hurt or even killed.

You never want to purchase these items from anything but a reputable dealer. Another good idea is to always purchase your mats new and unused. Used mats have a tendency to wear and become less and less safe with each successive use. There are a lot of shady dealers out there. Many of them are looking to unload equipment that should’ve been put out to pasture long ago. Occasionally however, you will run into a defunct small wrestling promotion who is looking to unload virtually new equipment for dirt cheap prices.

While it isn’t recommended, you should at the very least thoroughly inspect all equipment. Be especially conscious of tears of wear to the interior padding. If any used equipment has either of these defects you are better off just walking away regardless of the price. If you are looking to start out your search with a reputable company you can try out Resilite Wrestling Mats. These mats are made of very high quality material and are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. In fact they even work with independent labs that test their products to ensure safety. Remember, it’s the health of yourself, your athletes, your customers or your family on the line.

Once you purchase your mats it’s very important that you keep them well maintained, clean and sanitary. Invest in products such as KenPlus disinfectant. Remember that a lot of physical activity will be taking place on your mats and some of it will be violent. It’s not uncommon for bodily fluids, which can cause disease, such as blood, saliva and urine to end up on your mats. The KenPlus disinfectant is particularly effective as a sanitizer as it kills most bacteria and viruses including Herpes and HIV. The best piece of advice you can receive when purchasing any equipment is to put safety first. Make sure you inspect thoroughly and then properly maintain to ensure safety.